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Only 7 questions answer you can get at a time and vision reading charges are quite different based on story.


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White light healing in Delhi:

Light Healing Energy flows down from Source and into the top of the head, This is an Unconditional love coming From Almighty , while one in mediation they could see thousands of Diamonds together and their energy reflecting on You and coming as Rainbow colours , suddenly you find your own colour of healing And you get an ability to heal your situation, Love condition and you can start getting vision through Third Chakra.

Resolve your Problem; White Light Healing

White light Healing is a Channeling process where you channel your energy through meditation and send it to Universe r Almighty to receive positive vibration.

For this you do not have to be religious, simply be open to receive the energy.

On 2011 I joined Tarot Academy to learn Tarot Lessons.Completed my Master’s on 2012