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Only 7 questions answer you can get at a time and vision reading charges are quite different based on story.


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Please read the policy before you go for reading or healing Policy of Tarot reading or Vision reading :

I need to know your name ,Birth date/year, pic and your story to read You have total 45/50 mins to ask me multiple questions and clarify everything.This is for one session .kindly ask all your questions in one reading session. Incase you have something to ask further you need to pay 300 rupees for 2 questions.

I do not refund any amount after I complete Tarot reading or Reiki healing /vision reading Payment is 100% Advance You can make me read anytime within 10 days once you pay 90%of the time what I say that is correct and accurate but not necessary for all .Those who hide or give half information .such cases we are not responsible for their reading or healing

**I do not do any health or legal matter reading..kindly do not ask me anything regarding Legal/health related subject I do healing session for Health issues but do not do reading for it

Disclaimer: I am no way liable for what manifest in your life by Acts of GOD OR KARMA or FATE and DESTINY My reading is just a tool -best possible way to get most possible answers..but I am not destiny maker Again Thanks To You ;Thank You Universe and Thanks to Almight¥£₩