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Only 7 questions answer you can get at a time and vision reading charges are quite different based on story.


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Colour Reading :- Aryya Roy is one of the few in India especially Delhi to do Colour Bottle Reading which is linked with colour therapy. In colour bottle reading One hundred and ten bottles are used by the Colour Reader. Each bottle has two colours. Each seeker (client) gets four options. Whatever colours are picked up by the client that shows the resonance of the client with those colours and accordingly the client is advised on the certailn futuristic aspects and the kind of colours the client should be using for particular period.

Certain examples of colour bottle reading like Green Colour depicts truth, heart. Red denotes passion, survival and grounding. Basically Colour Reading is a window to your soul. The kind of colours you choose can tell a lot about yourself. Learn how to turn your weaknesses into your strong points by balancing colours through Colour Bottle Reading.

Aryya Roy is a renowned Colour Reader in Delhi(India) and she has been providing guidance to people through Colour Bottle Reading for the last ten years in Delhi and NCR including Gurgaon, Noida. She has her offices in Delhi and West Delhi and is soon opening an branch in Noida also.