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Reiki for Marriage & Healthy Relationship

2 main reasons are responsible for delay in marriage of a marriageable girl one is to be more educated than that of boys and second is astrological aspect such as kaal sirp dosha, mangalik dosha or saade saati in horoscope. Vastu and astrological solutions are effective for serving the purpose finding suitable match for a marriageable girl. But ultimately, these two terms are associated with energy resurrection because both dispel negative energy which is causing delay in marriage and to evoke positive energy for attracting suitable match. Reiki serves the same motive by displacing negative energy with positive vibes and develops positive mind programming also. For removing conflicts from marital life, both spouses should follow practical norms like caring for each other's feelings. Reiki can let the harmony prevail in marital life although both spouses' horoscope does not match with each other through discharge of positive energy. Heal heart chakra through reiki for conceiving carefulness in the heart of both, husband and wife. Sacral chakra is related to water element which has ability to conjugate each other. Therefore, it is stimulated for enhancing attraction via reiki. Wish pyramid helps in pursuing parents for love marriage, for eliminating delay in marriage and for blooming love between married couple.

How to Use Reiki to Get Married

4 Ways to Use Reiki to Get Married

Love is one of the most profound of all human experiences. Marriage is the fulfillment of real love and the commitment to be together forever. Today I will tell you how to use Reiki for getting married. I will also share a video testimonial from a student who used Reiki to get married at the end.

Reiki can clear all the obstacles in the way to your marriage and help you lead a pleasant and happy married life together. The power of true love and the divine power of Reiki can make anything possible.

There are five simple ways in which Reiki can be adopted to lead a successful married life and ultimately a successful, pleasant and beautiful family life with your beloved.

4 beautiful ways to make your marriage successful

  • Regular self healing with Reiki

It is the most simplest and vital way to make your marriage successful. Although some people who are attuned to Reiki they do not practice self healing regularly. Regular Reiki self healing cleans your energies and keeps it clear. Also it heals all the personal baggage, which obstructs your path to successful marriage.The self healing also allows the new energies to enter into you and keep your path clear for the marriage.

  • Use of Reiki Symbols for happy marriage

There are ways in which Reiki symbols can be used to make your love stronger and to clear he barriers on the way of marriage. Reiki second degree practitioners can use the Reiki symbols.

  1. Reiki symbols can be used to bring unity in both families so that all members agree for the marriage. 
  2. Reiki can make a bond stronger between the couple and and all family members. 
  3. Reiki helps the couple to get social acceptance for marriage.
  4. Sei he ki symbol can be used to strengthen the bond between the couples and the family members
  5. HSZSN Reiki symbol can be used to help you to find the perfect match for you and guide you each step forward and also overcome all difficulties that come on the way.

  • Reiki charged crystals

An experienced Reiki Master or a Reiki third degree practitioner can recommend and charge crystals for a happy marriage or for someone who wants to get married. These crystals are usually in combination based on the need of the individual.

Based on your date of birth and your goals we give a set of crystals that can help you manifest your marriage or solve the problem in marriage. These Reiki charged crystals will protects you from all negative energies and develop positive energies in your house. It will charge the body and the chakras of the user.

For example, the black stone absorbs the negative energies from the surrounding, the rose quartz spreads love and the crystal tree emits the power of all the planets.

The combination of these unique Reiki charged crystals helps to bring harmony in the relation and helps in love marriage.

Sometimes marriage does not happen due to problems at spiritual level. This can not be solved by a first or second degree practitioner because it needs spiritual level healing which is learned only in the third degree course of Reiki.

  • Reiki Distance healing for marriage:

One can take distance Reiki healing from experienced Reiki Masters to solve problems on the way of your marriage and to empower the relationship.

The Reiki energy has the power to make the positive energy to flow among the lovers, which will balance and harmonize the relationship and improve the relation by solving any problems.

Many people want to get married as early as possible and start their new life with their beloved ones but for some reason they are not able to find a partner.

Reiki for marriage - Testimonial

There was one student from Delhi who was looking for a life partner but somehow it was not working out. Once she came to meet me along with her mother. Her mother told me that the girl has given up on her marriage.

I told her not to lose hope and do Reiki regularly. I along with Reiki Grand Master Aryya Roy started doing distance healing for her.

Once in a while she would come and meet us and update us on her Reiki practice. Then one day she came with a box full of sweets and gave us the good news.

Arranged marriage vs love marriage Vision healing:

Vision healing In love marriages, individuals prefer to choose their partners on their own, while in case of arrange marriages individuals prefers partners chosen by their family or parents. There is a continuous debate regarding the best way to choose the partner for marriage

Vision Reading and Healing Services:

What is Vision Reading

“Third eye” Sight . When You know it’s not there alive or Did not happen yet and you’re still aware of what is Going to happen next . The picture you see isn’t in front of your eyes, but it feels like it’s going straight into your soul, deeper conscious level, On your Crown Chakra above the head and in front of Your eyes like you are watching a short movie ,Sometimes even you feel that you are not aware of your current location and you are in Another world.

Prophetic Vision

When YOU know what will happen next in Your relationship or Business, who is Your secret enemy, who is Your well wisher

That is Vision, while meditating You see few words which significantly come in front of your eyes to tell what will be next

Suppose Your dear one Died in an accident , and He could not say anything about important details (Property , Business , Shares) before leaving his body and You want to know

everything about it , You contact Vision Reader and she connects with His Spirit and let you know about the Truth and hidden information . That is what Vision Reading


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