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My journey of Spirituality started on 1995 in my childhood, I was not aware what was happening with me , I thought I have some power of witches where I can see things and It happens In real Life . If I shout and feel angry someone used to get punished, if I am happy and bless someone they used to get rewards from Above. The sky used to look like my own family and Earth used to be like my old friend .I had no clue what is happening with me.

I have studied Divine spirituality from University of E dinburgh Scotland and learnt Tarot from Academy of Tarot India on 2012.

Those days I was big devotee of lord Krishna and I used to “hare ram hare Krishna” a lot. But sooner I realized that My Family wants me to study well so I can become a Doctor.

I have started focusing on my education but there were Lots of Help coming from Universe whenever I need them. At the age of 26 I realize that I am Born with a power of Vision and manifest things according to me.


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